Kidscare International Playschool / Pre-School
Children develop best in a caring environment were they are allowed to express themselves.

Kids Care for teachers, students and their parents play an active role in our educational process. Kids Care India aims to provide the experiences for physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, spiritual, and social development of the child through creative and modern education in an attractive and caring environment. Thus enabling the child to cope with the ever-growing challenges of life.

We accept toddlers from the age group of 1 1/2 year till 4+ years. The categories are Play School, Pre School, Junior Kids, Senior Kids, After School. Our main aim is to groom young kids for renowned schools in India. The school admits boys and girls between the ages of 1 1/2 and 4+. The prepared environment of the preschool creates and atmosphere which enables children to be free to learn through his own activity in peaceful and orderly surroundings adapted to the child's size and interests. It aims to nurture the children's independence, self esteem and self discipline while introducing children to the basics of academics.

The Kids care playschool / Pre-School / Junior Kids / Senior Kids / After School
environment has 4 distinct areas

Practical Life- Children perform exercise which teach them to care for themselves and their environment. In addition, grace and courtesy lessons help them to function in a social environment.

Sensorial- Children learn to organize their environment through sensorial activities that enhance their ability to discriminate, refine and sharpen their senses.

Mathematics - Basic concepts of Mathematics are introduced in a concrete manner, which builds a strong foundation for the understanding and application of Mathematical principles.

Culture - Children learn about the world and the living things within it. The preschool environment offers the child studies in Geography, History, Art and the Sciences Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting.

What we havee to say about us?

• "Staff create a very welcoming and safe environment in which children thrive".
• "All staff work together and are committed to continuous improvement for all the children."
• "Staff show a genuine desire to promote the best care and opportunities for the children."
• "Resources are enthusiastically utilized in a very exclusive manner, child-friendly environment is conducive to children's learning."
• "Children health is exceptionally well promoted."

Kids care Curriculum

Kids Care India encompasses teaching methodology involving complete interaction where children are encouraged to collaborate and help each other. Kids Care India adopts the philosophy of learning by doing.

Quality control of Curriculum & content

Interaction with parents through the PTA platform providing regular feedback on the Teaching methodology as well as the activities of the students. regular monitoring of lesson plans and worksheets will enable to keep track of the curriculum & content.

Quality control of Equipment

Equipments hygienically maintained and well kept. Pieces that break or get damaged are replaced immediately. At the beginning of each academic session new equipment are added

Importance of Kids care preschool toys:

• They act as important accessories in a toddler's imagination. They help children imagine different situations and act it out.
• When children play with preschool toys, they learn basic motor skills . Play also helps improve their visual and auditory senses.
• Preschool toys have the ability to improve the memory and increase concentration levels.
• Playing with toys makes children more aware of their surroundings.
• Preschool toys focus on improving the child's innate cognitive abilities.

Preschool age is the time when children start interacting with their surroundings and gain valuable knowledge in the process. The stage is marked by a dominant urge to explore and learn. Preschool toys are vital tools in developing.